Welcome to my blog. It’s more of an archive than a blog and will include those aspects that affect our ‘Daily, Daily’. Inspirationally, many of the posts will have been published somewhere in the national media, religious & social expression, social media, and orations that are aired outside as well as inside the majestic Palace of Westminster. I would like to think it is a work in progress.

The blog will have a conservative Christian perspective and will wrestle now and then with the same tensions which has busied the theological minds for centuries, probing those same societal stresses and strains which have been the hallmark of Christian civilisation for two millennia.

Sir Humphrey Appleby wrote: “It’s interesting nowadays politicians want to talk about moral issues, and bishops want to talk politics.” My burning question is: What is the Christian Church talking about today? Has the Church lost its true message and what is the true message of the Church?

My answer: It is crucial that the Church stands up and delivers God’s message of repentance, salvation and holy living, even when it is counter cultural and likely to cause offence.

The Blogs’ Mission Statement: ‘Knowing Christ Above All’