Christ’s Promises to those who Pray

A three-fold activity expected: Matthew 7:7-11
Ask. The word implies dependence. When we come into God’s Presence, we are not calling for something to which we have a right. We cannot earn a position where we can demand God’s response. When we come to God we must “ask as a beggar asks for alms.” We come to Him as paupers.
Seek. This word implies endeavour. “Seek, as for something of value which has been lost.” We must keep on with the search because we are in no doubt of the value of that which we seek. There must be a note of urgency in our prayers.
Knock. This word implies importunity. God does not always reveal His answer at the first half-hearted knock. If there is no answer, knock at God’s door again. If it still remains closed, come back again.
We are to continue with our petitions by our endeavour and to support both by our “continual coming”. Such prayer is sure of an answer (v8) because God is a Father who loves to give His children “good things”
(v 11). Sometimes we ask for things which God sees are really ‘stones’ and His love is shown by His refusal of our request.

A two-fold attitude: John 14: 13-14; 15:7
We must ask in His Name! That means identifying ourselves with Him and with His plans for ourselves and the world. Unless we really are one with Him we have no right to use His name.
We must also abide in Him. The Greek implies “If you abide in Me….
utter your demands, whatsoever you are inclined to, and it shall be done (generated).” The man who lives in constant communion with Christ will not be inclined to anything out of harmony with His will, and God ‘generates’ that for which He asks as a result of His living union with His Son.