David’s Prayer Laboratory

No one in the whole of the Old Testament can teach us so much about prayer as David. He gives no theoretical lessons. He does something far more helpful by leading us right into the ‘Laboratory’ and gives us practical demonstration.

Psalm 3:1-8 Here is a psalm intensely relevant for the present world situation.

David’s complaint to God (vv 1-2)

The diversity of his foes “…How are they increased…” This is how we feel as new anxieties face us with the increased possibility of unemployment.
The discouragement of the foolish “…no help for him in God.” So say the fools of today who declare that God does not take sides – which really mean that He has no interest in the victory of righteousness over evil.

David’s Consciousness of God (v.3)

He rises from the contemplation of surrounding enemies to that of his encircling God…. This harassed man flings himself out of the coil of troubles around him and looks up to God. He sees in Him precisely what he needs most….

David’s Cry to God (vv 4-5)

The tenses express a habitual act and a constant result. Rest and refreshment immediately follow.

David’s Confidence in God (v.6)

Prayer changes things and us, How differently he views the swarms of the enemy here and in v.1: there, he was counting them and cowing before them; here, their very number is an element in his confidence.

David’s Call upon God (v.7)

He is courageous because past experience teaches him that God will help, but he knows too that God’s help depends on his prayer. Courage which does not pray is foolhardiness.

David’s Confession about God (v.8)

In God lays the source of all salvation-national as well as personal. Let’s pray that the people of the world may learn that.