The Reformers – Introduction

Recently, there was a report that a man walked into several well-known booksellers enquiring about Martin Luther. All the assistants graciously pointed him to the section in their shelves that held information about Martin Luther King. The elderly scholar stubbornly stated that the person he had in mind was Martin Luther the Reformer, born 10 Nov 1483-18 Feb 1546. He left the shops crying and rather disgusted that the world apparently had no knowledge of the great beginning of the Protestant movement.

The 31st October 2017, should see the Protestant Churches of the UK and the whole world celebrate the 500 years when Martin Luther posted his 95 theses on the Cathedral door of Wittenburg protesting at the Catholic doctrine of indulgencies thus beginning the Protestant Reformation or will they? My friends and associates of the Catholic persuasion will be remembering the date for very different reasons.

It is hoped that the following biographies of eight key reformers will make such adoring readers that you are, more familiar with your Christian heritage.